“…I have used several products for my skin. Nothing has helped…”

Im not old yet, but my face starts to grow wrinkles, how do I do this?

When I look into the mirro, I feel discomfort in my own skin condition.

No matter how much I put on make up, I still cant cover up the scars at my face.

Tired of trying everything, my face is still full of acnes and pimple.

Every skin centre I visited, is a let down to my skin.

I’m afraid my child would grew up with eczema all his life.

Dear god, please help me with my skin.

“…I have used several products for my skin. Nothing has helped…”

Please Dermalene Save Me..!!!

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Expert Consultation

Dermalene hears you and we are here ready to help!  Our ultimate goal is to assist you to achieve glowing and healthy skin at every life stage. We aim to be your “Caring skin life partner”. We pledge to always be prepared to tackle and treat every problem your skin faces.

Clinically Proven

Fret not!  All treatments carried out by Dermalene is safe and non-invasive.  No foreign substances, no skin surgery, and no change in the original structure of your skin. 

Shariah Compliant

All treatments and ingredients we provide are 100% Halal and Shariah compliant with the approval of the Ministry of Health Malaysia.  Dermalene caters to what your skin needs.


Ms Syafikah izzati, 24 years old from Kuala Lumpur, she is one of Dermalene’s customer who has experience skin care journey with Dermalene. She able to see her skins improvement after 2 session treatment with Dermalene.​

Dermalene Signature Treatments

Your Satisfaction is Our First Priority

We are fully experienced to solve skin problems. Choose Your Desired Skin and Aesthetic Treatments.
Come and experience it for yourself!

Acne Treatment

Cleanses blocked pores and removes dead skin cells.

Pigmentation Treatment

Treats pigmentation and uneven skin tone promoting brighter, rejuvenated skin.

Scar Healing Treatment

Restores youthful, plumped healthy skin by regenerating skin tissue.

Basic Facial

Maintains healthy radiant skin

Dermatological Problems Treatment

Eczema, Rashes, Skintag, Fungal etc.

As Seen On

The Essence of Beauty

Our Best Selling Products

The Best Essentials for Your Skincare


Dermalene is not just a treatment place and a line of skincare, it is a system. We pledge to be a caring skin life partner by providing evidence based, clinically proven, effective, and efficient solutions committed towards providing impactful results. We want to help clients uncover their best potentials, leading a life to the fullest by being confident in their own skin

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Let's Start the Journey with Dermalene

Step 1

Patients set appointments with Dermalene Skin Partner through website or whatsapp careline.

Step 2

Upon arrival, patients to follow MKN SOP by scanning MySejahtera QR code & body tempreture.

Step 3

Dermalene Skin Partner will assist patients with a consultation before proceed to skin scanner.

Step 4

Facial Scanner Analysis will include:
> Facial Pores Check
> Pigmentation Formation Identification
> Sebum / Oil level in Face
> Biological Age Identification
> 3D Image Skin Analysis

Step 5

Dermalene Skin Partner will start treatment and make sure patients will recieve high quality service treatment.

Step 6

Every treatment session will always be followed up by Dermalene Skin Partner as our after sales service. We will monitor the results of each treatment and schedule on next session appointment.

Step 7

Our aim is to make every patient satisfy with the treatment and get the results as we planned during consultation.



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Our Skin Centre


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What Sets Us Apart

Caring Skin Life Partner

Life is precious and so are you! We pledge to be at the fore front of all life's milestones. From tending to an infant's discomfort from eczema to managing low levels of self confidence due to raging acne to preventing and treating wrinkles that seemed to have appeared out of no where. No matter where life takes you, we will always be there to support and follow up with the utmost care.

Shariah Compliant

We highly believe in order to enjoy youthful, healthy and glowing skin you don't necessarily have to go under the knife. Rest assured all treatments carried out by us are 100% safe and non-invasive. We encourage our customers to embrace their natural beauty forgoing injections and augmentation, with the help of Dermalene to enhance your beauty that is already within you.

Clinical Proven

We have teamed up with qualified doctors and practitioners to ethically source ingredients that is clinically proven and evidence based to give your skin impactful results. We are led my CEO Dr Alina Hasni who has a master in Clinical Dermatology from Cardiff University and has 10 years experience in the medical field.

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