A Leading Skin Centre of Excellence Providing Syariah Compliance (Halal) Skin Solutions With Care and Expertise, Centering Towards Rewarding Results by Being the Go to ‘Skin Partner’ in the Asian Market by 2030

Our CEO Dr Alina Hasni has a strong shared value in her heart. Ever since young, story telling and transferring imparting knowledge has been part of her life. She holds strong belief in giving knowledge to people on empowering the community. At the age of 18, she started to build her own website and YouTube content about health and giving tips on living the life in healthiest way. However, graduating as a medical doctorfrom the Russian State Medical University, during houseman ship time, due to the amount of workload that she had, it is hard for her to pursue her effort on sharing tips and knowledge to the community. Finally one day she was offered a scholarship to pursue her master in Clinical Dermatology from Cardiff University. Cardiff university is actually one of the best school proven and certified in dermatological knowledge in the world. The knowledge of the skin that she gain from the teachers day is so deep and causes her to feel like this is needed to be shared to everybody. So this is what sparks her to open up a page and her own business in the skincare industry called as Dermalene. From that moment on, Dr Alina knows, to get healthy skin is to learn about the skin and understanding more about it. She needs a centre to be open in Malaysia in order to help the knowledge to be spread. 

Dermalene is a system. It is not just a treatment place and a line of skincare, it is a system. We pledge to be a caring skin life partner by providing evidence based, clinically proven, effective, and efficient solutions committed towards providing impactful results. We want to help clients uncover their best potentials, leading a life to the fullest by being confident in their own skin. From the name itself Dermalene with the letter D and E is connected, it means that ‘D’ Dermalene for ‘E’ everyone. And another connected two-words is the MA – which stands for ‘M’ milestones in ‘A’ ageing. The logo itself is round with 3 layers, thats the 3 layers of the skin, and it looks like a lecture theatre because imparting knowledge to the public about the skin is part of our mission.


A leading skincentre of excellence, providing skin solutions with care & expertise, centering towards rewarding result


We pledge to be a caring skin life partner by providing evidence based, clinically proven, effective, and efficient solutions committed towards providing impactful results








80% of our revenue actually comes from the services that we offer and the other 20% are from products. As of our existence, our CEO has slowly been recognized as the skincare expert in Malaysia towards giving advices to healthy skin routines. As from the big brands / logo above, they were the one who invited our CEO to come and give a little bit topic to discuss about human skin.

In regards of 20% products sales, we do realize that its about time for us to focus on boosting sales coming from that funnel. For 2021, we will initiate Dermalene Entrepreneurship Program thus allowing our agents to focus on product sales at the same time we would want to share this opportunity for people who would want to create their side incomes and be a free agent.


If You Are Looking To Join One Of Our Team In Helping Malaysians To Emphasize On Skincare Health,  Our Team From Headerquarters Will Get In Touch With You 

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